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Thursday May 31, 2018


EEWB-TV 8:45 Words of Encouragement


NOSTALGIA 9:00 Bonanza

EEWB-TV 9:00 Let's Talk Sarcoidosis


EEWB-TV 9:30 Man of Action


EEWB-TV 9:45 Wisdom Breaks with Dr. Addie


EEWB-TV 10:00 Let's Talk Sarcoidosis On The Road


NOSTALGIA 10:00 Dick Tracy


EEWB-TV 11:00 Let's Talk Sarcoidosis


NOSTALGIA 11:00 Beverly Hillbillies


EEWB-TV 11:30 Green Roots


EEWB-TV 12:00 Let's Talk Sarcoidosis


NOSTALGIA 12:00 How The Eyes Work


EEWB-TV 12:30 Let's Talk Sarcoidosis On The Road


NOSTALGIA 13:00 Coral Reef


EEWB-TV 13:30 Green Roots


NOSTALGIA 13:30 The Larnyx and the Voice


EEWB-TV 14:00 Let's Talk Sarcoidosis On The Road


NOSTALGIA 14:00 Bonanza


EEWB-TV 14:45 Words of Encouragement


EEWB-TV 15:00 Wisdom Breaks


NOSTALGIA 15:00 Dusty's Trail


EEWB-TV 15:30 Green Roots


NOSTALGIA 15:30 Coral Reef


EEWB-TV 16:30 Let's Talk Sarcoidosis


NOSTALGIA 16:30 The Lucy Show


EEWB-TV 17:00 Bruce Lee: The Lost Interview


NOSTALGIA 17:00 The Lucy Show


EEWB -TV 17:30 Man of Action


NOSTALGIA 17:30 Dusty's Trail

EEWB-TV 18:00 Inspired 2 Hope


NOSTALGIA 18:00 Thread of Life


EEEB-TV 18:30 Wisdom Breaks with Dr. Addie


EEWB-TV 18:45 Words Of Encouragement


EEWB-TV 19:00 Let's Talk Sarcoidosis on the Road


NOSTALGIA 19:00 Ninja Death I


EEWB-TV 19:30 Green Roots


EEWB-TV 20:00 8 Track Mind with Habaka


EEWB-TV 20:30 Sensational Living


NOSTALGIA 20:30 Ninja Death II


EEWB-TV 21:00 Beverly Hillbillies


NOSTALGIA 21:30 Bonanza


NOSTALGIA 22:00 Bonanza


EEWB-TV 22:30 Bonanza









Independent Producers & Web Shows

"Let's Talk Sarcoidosis On The Road"


Dorothea is an International Speaker, Award Winning Television Talk Show Host and Executive Producer. At the age of 26, she was diagnosed with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis.


Dorothea is now bringing awareness, health and education about sarcoidosis to the world.


"Wisdom Breaks" With Dr. Addie


Dr. Addie J. McCafferty, L.M.S.W, a Licensed Master Social Worker also holds a doctorate degree in Higher Education and Leadership. She was an adjunct professor at a Historically Black College and is an author, inspirational speaker, educator, counselor


Dr. Addie shares tid bits of wisdom on life, love, finance, family, spirit, mentality and more.


"Green Roots"


Dr. Warren has worked in the environmental and sustainability field for more than 15 years. She has also worked as an Environmental Engineer and a Sustatinability Manager. Dr. Warren is currently a Sr. Project Manager and an Adjunct Professor at the University of South Carolina.


Dr. Warren, Environmentalist and Talk Show Host focuses on bringing awareness and environmental concerns particularly within communities of color.


"8 Track Mind" With Habaka


Habaka is an International 8-Octave Classic BJ&G Vocalist, Master Vocalist Instructor, in Italy (AKA) "The Panther of Cremona". Habaka is famous for her profound contralto voice and she comes from a lineage of musicians and entertainers.


Talk Show Show Host Habaka interviews people who are seasoned in the entertainment industry and who share their knowledge and wisdom.


"Sensational Living"


Comedienne, Promoter and Talk Show Host TuKute highlights mature adults on living their sensational lives, and interviews others on how to live a sensational life.


"Inspired 2 Hope"


"Inspired 2 Hope" is a new web series coming May 10, 2018 straight from South Africa. Anne-Marie, Teacher and Talk Show Host shares encouraging and life changing words from the Word of God.


"Words of Encouragement"


"Words of Encouragement" is a daily series withwords of encouragement and prayer. Apostle Hans brings a word of inspiration from the Word of God from Buea, Cameroon.


"Preparing For Success"


Denise Joyner is the Owner, CEO & Executive Producer of Exclusif Entertainment. She is the Television Web Executive for EEWB TV, Publisher, Videographer, Executive Producer Author and nstructor.


"Preparing For Success" is an UPCOMING new web series which focuses on defining succes, how to prepare, ways to prepare and being prepared for success everyday. It is also about establishing solutions, strategies, systems and networks.





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